Where does an agency add value?

Often organisations believe that using a recruitment agency is unnecessary as it’s “too expensive” or because they already have an in-house recruitment team. More often than not people think that recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment teams are in competition when in fact, they are not. Recruitment agencies are there to support and not replace the in-house recruitment team.

To show that recruitment agencies are vital in your recruitment process, here are some of the advantages that you receive from using one:

1. Expert Market Knowledge

If you are responsible for recruiting for every role in your organisation, it may be difficult to have an in-depth knowledge of each position’s skills and qualifications. Each position requires different skills and abilities in which you might have a difficulty distinguishing.

If you hire a recruitment agency, you get their expertise. The recruiters spend hours every day hiring for different roles making them experts in their field.

2. Zero Risk

Hiring a trusted recruitment agency is considered a risk-free strategy. These agencies do not require an up front cost which means that if they’re not able to find a suitable candidate for you, you won’t have to pay anything. Additionally, if they were able to find a candidate but things are not going well between the candidate and your organisation, recruitment agencies have rebate procedures so that you can get a refund.

3. Agencies reach the Unreachable

Often the most qualified employees are hard to find. They may be selective when accepting job offers and may not respond to job advertisements as they don’t see themselves as a part of your talent pool. When you hire a good recruitment agency, there is a high percentage that they know who the qualified people are and how they can reach them. A good agency has a variety of networks that will help you connect with the people who have the skills and talents you need for your organisation.

4. Huge Job Boards Network

Job boards are expensive and for in-house recruitment teams to have the same reach as recruitment agencies, they have to spend thousands of pounds each month. As for recruitment agencies, they put in advertising efforts and invest heavily in job board exposure, strategies and applicant processing systems. By hiring a recruitment agency, you minimise the spending on job boards but still get a positive result.

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