Sourcing the right skills for the job

To offer a client the best service in providing them with staff, we need to understand the process through their eyes – to appreciate the client perspective.

A successful employment agency will have built healthy relationships with their clients. Reputation is everything. When a client seeks to fill a position in their company, we need to put forward candidates who are available instantly and who have the right skills for the job. Developing a strong relationship with a specialist recruiter will give the client access to a wider pool of credible an d qualified candidates in the short and long term.

Looking at the hiring process holistically, we have a duty also to build a relationship with you, to know how you will fit into any one company’s work culture.

It is essential that we are experts in our field. That we provide a service that is better for the client than the alternative of hiring staff directly. We are about saving a huge amount of time and effort and allowing the client to get on with looking after the nuts-and-bolts of their business.

How we recruit is important to the client. How we use multiple channels and methods to attract the right candidates. We are of course happy to supply historical examples of successful placements to demonstrate our efficiency and dependability. Plus our ability to find candidates that the client would have found difficult to do on its own.

We also need to understand the way our clients’ companies work. Candidates for the job placement will need to fit in with the clients’ work practices and be comfortable with any physical demands in the workplace. So, we are required to be acquainted with a company’s day-to-day operations. Increasingly, a company will want its hired hands to be computer literate and au fait with automated systems.

Our aspiration is to provide temps who have the potential to become permanent employees. By having an in-depth knowledge of the client’s company structure, we are aware of career paths that exist within any organisation. Our key priority is to provide candidates who will complement their existing team and add value to their business.

There are other ways too how we can add value in the hiring process. Often we have people on our books who are looking for work, but we can also inform clients of other excellent workers who would consider a move should the right opportunity come along.