Making the journey smoother from candidate to client

It’s only natural that our clients want us to find them the best candidate. While the candidate wants us to find them the best client they can work for. We are of course dedicated to that process and much of the attention goes into its smooth running.

So how do we achieve that? From a recruiter perspective, we want both parties to be happy not just with the outcome but with how it is achieved.

In the beginning, it may well be that the candidate does not know the hiring company. This point is referred to as ‘the point of discovery’, when the candidate also becomes aware of the vacant position. We advise here that the company takes this opportunity to present the job and their brand in glowing terms.

The job advertisement should be simply and effectively stated. Attention-grabbing. It should be directed at an individual as opposed to a generic employee. The candidate should be alerted to what is attractive about the opportunity, the main challenges they will enjoy, how they can contribute to the company and add value. The perfect candidate may already be working for another company. Why would they want to jump ship and work for you? Invite them to your family. Stress the wonderful, inclusive culture of the company. You want people who will not only join, but grow with you as an asset.

Communication is absolutely key in ensuring a smooth journey from candidate to client. From acknowledging the receipt of an application and notifying politely those that have not been selected for interview to giving feedback to the candidates they do interview. The impression you give travels when candidates share their experiences of a hiring company, whether by word-of-mouth or on social media.

Importantly, by communicating efficiently, we increase the chances of impressing the ideal candidate, who might just hold off advances from other hiring companies or at least put them on hold. A candidate that has not succeeded in their application this time round, may be interested when a position becomes available in future.

The process might appear to be rather arduous, but from our experience, the work is very much front-loaded. Once you have a timetable of communication with candidates in place, clients can use that template time and time again.