Finding the right candidate in today’s recruiting market is “Not”​ easy!

Don Bryden – Managing Director of KCJ Recruitment said: “I’ve been discussing the reasons why in today climate, Industry are struggling to fill the vacant permanent roles available across the market. This I put to Eleanor Box, Professional and Executive Manager – KCJ Recruitment. Eleanor’s responded with the following article promoting our P&E Division and giving some outlook”

KCJ Recruitment’s Professional and Executive Division works across a number of industries specialising in the recruitment for professional sectors. Across the KCJ Team, we have a combined 40 years’ experience within recruitment and are lucky to be affiliated with leading organisations across the UK. Currently, we have 16 vacancies that the Professional and Executive Team are actively recruiting for and these span across a number of industries and sectors ranging from Engineering, Insurance, IT to Procurement and Finance.

It has been well noted that over the past couple of years the recruitment market has changed dramatically. Since the economy recovered from the recession in 2007, the labour market stabilized, but more recently and especially since the referendum, there has been a huge shift towards a candidate-driven market. With Brexit on everyone’s minds, fewer candidates are looking to change jobs as they are still unsure about the future of the UK and international candidates and less likely to consider roles that are based in the UK, thus diminishing the candidate pool’s further.

The current unemployment rate is at 4.1% in the UK, the lowest it has been in 40 years, which is proving that skilled candidates are at a premium. The few candidates that are considering new opportunities are finding work easier as they may often have multiple offers and vacancies to choose between which can ultimately be frustrating for employers. Companies who are looking to recruit are having to work so much harder to attract the right candidates and hiring managers and recruiters alike are having to raise their game by offering the best pay and benefits packages they can.

Overall, a candidate-driven market means that companies that are recruiting are going through tough times. Finding the right candidate for a job is no longer a given, and both companies and agencies alike who are recruiting are going to have to adjust their recruitment strategies accordingly.

If you are looking for a permanent job or would like some advise on a possible change, feel free to call Eleanor or Kristen on 01793 200110.

Written by Don Bryden – Managing Director of KCJ Recruitment and Eleanor Box, P&E Division Manager at KCJ Recruitment